Bees & Wasps

  • Safe treatment of ​bee hives and wasp nests

  • Bee hive removal.  Sometime it is wise to remove the hive after the bees have been eradicated, because the honeycomb still exists in the treated area.  Without the cooling from the bees, the wax liquefies and the honey will start to run.  Mold soon forms on the sticky mess.  Eventually an offensive odor develops from the decaying nest.  The decaying nest is also an attractant for other pests such as ants, cockroaches, and carpet beetles, because they like the sweet honey and dead bee carcasses.  With the honeycomb still in the wall and dripping, there will be a pheromone that may attract other bee swarms which may infest the area. 

The Excellent Services We Provide To

Residential & Commercial Customers


  • Arizona-licensed expert treatment and prevention of weeds.

  • Periodic treatment with our pre-emergent spray will give you a weed-free yard.

  • If you already have weeds, our treatment will kill the weeds including their roots to prevent their re-growth.

Pest Control

  • Safe treatments to rid your home or business of pests and to prevent recurrence using only the best and safest products on the market tailored to your specific needs​

  • IPM - We practice Integrated Pest Management, a technique used to inspect and treat areas where pests live and breed.  This means we will identify these areas and take the fight to the pest instead of applying a bunch of material out in the open and hoping the pests will come into contact with it.


  • Thorough inspection of property on the interior and exterior to determine entry points and treatment of those areas 

  • Black lighting services available to locate where scorpions are hiding 

  • Sealing areas such as cracks and crevices around windows and doors, utility access points, as well as screening vents and soffits where scorpions may be able to enter

  • Treat property for other insects such as crickets, roaches and spiders that are food sources for scorpions

  • We will explain practices you can follow to prevent or minimize recurrence of scorpions on your property.


  • Complete inspection of property to determine an action plan that is suited and priced to provide a precise solution for each specific situation

  • Placement of tamper-resistant bait stations on the exterior of home or business that are monitored to detect the activity level

  • Rodent trapping where it is needed to eradicate an interior presence

  • Rodent proofing

  • Gopher baiting and trapping